Add "Launch and activation permissions" to the user under which Acronis Managed Machine Service runs or disable Windows Management Integration in Fujitsu Agent

These errors can be safely ignored or you can eliminate them with a workaround

Configure certain Windows events to be considered as critical

Acronis Drive Monitor supports monitoring of events in Windows event log

There are message(s) detected in the Windows Event Log that indicate increased risk of unexpected data loss


Windows event log is spammed with error events with ID 10010 and "The server {1EF75F33-893B-4E8F-9655-C3D602BA4897} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout." message, if Acronis True Image is installed.

When looking into the details of the error events, ti_managers_proxy.dll is found


Known issue, which was partially fixed in build 17750 of Acronis True Image 2019.

How to export and view event logs in Windows