Edition Editions

Removing "Recent connections" is only possible through Windows Registry Editor

A script to delete vaults from Acronis Management Server if the attempt fails through GUI

Please request a modification of Acronis Media Builder from Acronis Support and recreate Acronis Bootable Media

In a backup plan you specify explicitly what data to back up and apply it to one machine, in a backup policy you create a template with parameters of what to back up and can apply it to multiple machines

Acronis Agent for ESX/ESXi (Virtual Appliance) builds 11639 and higher is officially certified by VMware

You are either trying to back up a free VMware ESXi using Acronis Agent for ESX/ESXi or you have not added a license to your paid version of VMware ESX/ESXi

Shut down the appliance, unmount all volumes of guest systems, uninstall the appliance and then install the one from the new build

Connect the Acronis Management Console to the Acronis Agent and change the license from trial to full

Remove the scheduled tasks, zap the scheduled tasks, and recreate the tasks to fix the issue

You can clone basic disks from Acronis Bootable Media, or from your operating system

Check the "Acronis Remote Agent" and "Workstation" services to solve the issue

Clean the folder with Acronis True Image Home logs to resolve the issue

The issue is caused by the corruption in Acronis License Server database

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Advanced Server Virtual Edition supports Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX/ESXi on the host level

List of Acronis Backup & Recovery Editions and a comparison table of components

Table of Windows Editions and dynamic disk types they support

Create a backup plan to have the backups saved to the root of the USB disk or to a certain folder on the disk

List of virtual machine applications supported by the latest versions of Acronis products

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Backup (Acronis Backup & Recovery) 11.5