DLP; DeviceLock; device control


Due to the operation specifics of Acronis DLP modules in Acronis Cyber Protect, Antivirus may take executable files of the DLP modules for malware and perform unscheduled scanning of its service directories, thus leading to a noticeable degradation of system performance in general, and Acronis DLP in particular, as well as produce other problems.


The following Acronis DLP folders must be added into antivirus exception list:


After installing Acronis Cyber Protect agent with Device Control module, you get a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD).

To investigate this issue we will need:


This article describes the steps necessary to check whether Acronis DLP (Data loss prevention) Agent is causing critical issues (BSOD e.g.)

The idea is to deactivate or uninstall DLP Agent to test system without DLP Agent running.