disaster recovery

The article describes a procedure for permitting the servers activated in Cloud to update their static DNS records with IP addresses assigned during Cloud activation in Test or Production subnets.

To the original machine

  1. Log in to Cyber Protection console and click Recover:
  2. Click Recover machine:
  3. Specify recovery options if you need them, otherwise skip this step

Compute points is a currency used to achieve the necessary performance of the running failover server. Available licenses can include 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 Compute Points.
Compute Points license does not have the expiration date on its own, but is effective while Acronis Disaster Recovery Storage Subscription License is valid.


After applying Protection Plan with Disaster Recovery enabled, the following failed activity appears in Dashboard > Activities view.

Setting up disaster recovery infrastructure for protection plan <plan_name>
An internal error. Please contact the support team.

When pressing "All properties" under activity, the following error can be seen:


1. Activity with the name Executing runbook in production mode and status Succeeded with warnings is being observed on the Activities dashboard for device Runbook for DR Policy;

2. No runbook with the name Runbook for DR Policy presents in Disaster recovery > Runbooks.


An activity "Creating recovery server" fails on attempt to assign Disaster Recovery Protection Plan to machine with the following error message:

Your "Internet access" quota is not enabled. To enable the quota, contact the support team.


C22.12 introduces the new feature "Automated Test Failover" in Disaster Recovery module that provides the following:

You have a Microsoft Azure VM with a Linux Ubuntu operating system that is protected with Advanced Disaster Recovery. If you want to connect to the Recovery server console of this machine in test or production failover, follow the below steps.


  • Devices in the Disaster Recovery Cloud console show that “Original device has been deleted”:
  • For those affected servers, there are no suitable or any recovery point available for a failover:
  • The activities tab for such affected recovery servers are also empty.



  • You have a tenant with Enhanced Security where you set up Disaster Recovery
  • After some time, you have noticed that the 'Disaster Recovery' tab is not shown in the Cyber Protection console.