Why it is insufficient to simply delete data and what wiping algorithms Acronis Drive Cleanser 6.0 uses

Acronis True Image suddenly disappears from the screen after hitting Next on the Partitions Selection screen

The way data integrity is handled during data transfer to a new hard disk drive

Copy the image chunks from CD or DVD discs to a local or external hard disk, or to a network share, and restore the files

Acronis Drive Cleanser is compliant with five national standards

Acronis Agent for ESX/ESXi (Virtual Appliance) builds 11639 and higher is officially certified by VMware

Remove Acronis Storage Node from Acronis Management Server and re-add it by IP address

This is either a false warning or a known issue with Build 12497

Make sure the backup is run under administrator or that you back up without using VSS

Update to the latest version or make sure the backup file is not locked

Start a new backup chain. Keep the old one for recovery purposes only

This message in the log means that you have provided incorrect Acronis Online Backup credentials at some point when operating the product

Slow data transfer speed in Windows, possible reasons and workarounds

The backup is on an external disk which is unavailable at the time of the validation

Unmount any backups that you have or reboot the machine to solve the issue

First move the backup to a shared folder. Then move it to a place you wish

Create a new backup plan to create backup of different type

Pre/post commands are executed before or after the whole backup process. Before/after data capture commands are executed during the backup process, right before and immediately after the snapshot

A list of known issues with using Acronis Access with Good Dynamics Data Leakage protection.

Applies to:

Both Windows and Mac versions of Acronis True Image (any year edition).


1. You try to run backup or recovery task in Acronis True Image, either automatically by schedule, or manually.

2. The task fails with the error message "Read error or data content is corrupted":



You can make Acronis True Image execute manually created batch files before and after the backup or restore

Deleting an entire archive

  1. Connect to Management Console, and go to Backups tab, and then Locations

  2. Select the cloud storage from which you want to delete backups