If Acronis Management Server is installed on a guest operating system, which is backed up from the host, it will not display the correct task status on the dashboard


  1. You try to access Online Dashboard.
  2. Web page does no open. The following error is shown:

    The JWT token has expired or is invalid


Issue with specific Acronis accounts or maintenance on Acronis servers.


Attempt to log in at a later time.


Email notifications can be set up in two ways:

1) per backup task (Windows only)


2) universally for all existing and future backup tasks (Windows, Mac)

Per-backup notifications are more configurable, but are more complicated to set up.

Global notifications are easy to enable, but are less informative.

This alert appears when the agent machine is offline during a scheduled backup. In this case, our Management Server has not received information whether the backup is running successfully or failed.

This article provides instructions on how to troubleshoot and resolve issue with Online Dashboard (access, incorrect information displayed or other issues).


1. When you install Acronis True Image on a new device, you need to log in to your account for this device to appear in the Online dashboard.

2. Make sure your computer has Internet access (you can open other websites) and Acronis servers are available through specified ports, see this article for instructions.


The following alerts appear in Protection Console:

Backup status is unknown
The backup agent was offline at a scheduled backup time. The status of the device backups will be unknown until the backup agent becomes online.

When you check the Activities, backups run fine, with no errors or warnings.


Issue in the product.


This issue was fixed in Acronis Cyber Cloud 21.12.