CPU overuse


You are facing the following issues:

  • High CPU usage by Task manager.
  • Activities cannot be canceled.
  • Activities generate a long list of warnings in the console:


Issue with synchronizing with the Local Task Manager after datacenter update to 22.05.

Issue has been resolved in the 22.06 Hotfix. Please initiate an update to the latest agent build.


On a Windows machine with multiple user accounts and Agent installed, Cyber Protection Monitor, TIB Mounter and Scheduler Service Helper are started for each user session. This causes high usage of resources, especially CPU.


Specifics of current product design.


Disable or uninstall Cyber Protection Monitor: this will reduce amount of used resources.

To uninstall Cyber Protection Monitor:


  • You have created a protection plan with Antivirus & Antimalware protection module enabled
  • After applying the plan, you have noticed that the "network-isolation-unit" causes a high CPU usage, up to 50-90%


Issue in the product.

This issue will be resolved in an upcoming release.

In the meantime, please follow the workaround below: