Central Processing Unit

Depending on the amount of protected data modified since Acronis Nonstop Backup was paused, restarting it may temporary load CPU

On the machine where the Acronis Management Server Service itself is running, you can see that it generates a constant high CPU overload. In some environments higher network usage is also seen. To solve this issue, you should delete content of specific folders and change registry values


  1. Agent is updated to C21.01 (Builds 26226 or 26321) or C21.02 (Build 26407 or 26473),
  2. The installed ngscan driver version is 1427 or higher (this can be checked in Properties of system32\DRIVERS\ngscan.sys),

  3. You experience issues with high CPU usage by non-Acronis services.


    CMD.exe cannot be started


You may notice that CPU usage becomes high when Acronis True Image is running a backup job. CPU's temperature increases and so does the fan noise. Upon checking the list of running processes you discover that the process consuming most of the CPU resources is TrueImageHomeService.exe. After the backup finishes, the CPU usage returns back to normal.

If you had an earlier version of Acronis True Image before, you may recall that CPU usage was not that high during backups.


If you see that most of the CPU resources are consumed by TrueImageHomeService.exe, please read the article https://kb.acronis.com/content/59203

Other processes of Acronis True Image

If you observe a high CPU usage by other Acronis processes, please contact Acronis Customer Central with the following diagnostic information:


The system requirements for Acronis True Image can be found in the product documentation (Windows, Mac, mobile).