• You configure a backup plan with Plesk/Cpanel extension
  • The backup plan is configured with file-filters in it and is working correctly
  • You try to mount the created backup from the Plesk/Cpanel management console
  • Mounting fails with the error message "failed to mount the recovery point"


Acronis plugin for cPanel/WHM produces 404 error and does not work on cPanel version 100 (with the new default Jupiter theme).


A temporary incompatibility between the filesystem path where plugins for the new Jupiter theme in cPanel need to be installed (where cPanel expects them to be placed), and where the Acronis plugin installer 1.6.5 places its files.

When investigating issues related to Acronis Cyber Backup plugin for WHM and cPanel, you need to collect corresponding logs.

A set of basic logs for investigation can be collected from the plugin itself. We have added the Download log link for this purpose. Once you click the link, the logs are collected and saved into a zip-file that can be shared via e-mail attachments.


  • You are using Acronis Plugin for cPanel
  • After cPanel upgrade to v102.0.8, the message "Forbidden" appears after login:


Issue in cPanel v102. Refer to the official statement from cPanel for more details.


  • You need to migrate a large number of cPanel hosts running on CloudLinux 6.10 or 7.9 to CloudLinux 8.x (e.g. CL8.5)
  • You would like to be able to continue using the same TIBX files and to keep using group plans/multi-machine plans applied to these hosts


Please follow the steps below to migrate:

1. Perquisites:


You have installed the WHM/cPanel plugin for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, and it fails to load with "Internal server error" (when you click on the plugin icon to open the plugin, it redirects to a white page with no data)


The plugin for cPanel/WHM returns an empty list of locations in getRecoveryPoints. But when browsing the same archive in the Acronis Backup Console, using the same machine as the agent to browse from, we can see recovery points:

Usually, no errors are shown by the plugin's UI. It just shows an empty list of restore points (backup slices). cPanel just returns: "There are no backups yet."