Acronis Disk Director allows you to convert file systems

This article describes the procedure of adding a converted VMDK virtual disk to a VMware virtual machine

Acronis True Image Echo has the capability to convert a disk/partition image (.tib) to a virtual disk file of the type you select (.vmdk, .vhd, .hdd).

The volume size limitation is 127 GB, and you cannot select SCSI interface

This is an internal service warning that can be safely ignored

Step-by-step instructions on how to convert a backup archive (.tib) to a virtual machine

You can use a special Acronis utility to import a .vhd file to Citrix XenServer

This option has been disabled for system disks or partitions on system disks

Description of how to create a virtual machine from a backup archive of a Linux system

You can convert Acronis True Image Home 2010 TIB file to Windows backup VHD file to be able to boot from it

Explanation of why there can be up to 7.8 MBytes of unallocated space that cannot be removed by usual means

Step-by-step instructions on how to convert a backup archive (.tib) to a Red Hat KVM virtual machine

Keep a copy of your backup archive in the virtual machine format ready for instant recovery

MS Virtual PC cannot boot from a .vhd disk larger than 127 GB

The following conversion operations are supported:

  • FAT16 to FAT32 and back
  • ext2 to ext3 and back


  1. Start Acronis Disk Director 11 and select the partition, the file system of which you would like to convert:

  2. Click Convert:

The issue is only with Acronis Bootable Media. As a workaround, convert the disk from Windows

After converting a partition backup to VMware Workstation an adding it to an ESXi host, you get the error "Unsupported and/or Invalid Disk Type”. To solve the issue, you have to follow the way to import the machine correctly in order to start it on your virtual host environment.

Conversion of both basic to dynamic and dynamic to basic is performed without data loss.

Conversion of a dynamic system disk to basic will require a reboot.

This article describes, how to convert a backup archive from windows system into a new virtual machine.

This article describes how to import a converted virtual machine into ESX Host

Incremental convert to virtual machine recovers only changes that were backed up since the last machine update: Acronis Backup and Recovery 11 updates the virtual machine instead of recreating it. This can be used during automated conversion of an incremental or differential backup to a virtual machine on a virtualization server.

This functionality is available for the following virtualization platforms: