Command 'Cataloging Data' has failed. Cataloging fails with "An error has occurred in SQLite while using database file"

Ignore the error. Cataloging will succeed after the first backup to this vault

Changing the default catalog database folders for Acronis Storage Node, Acronis Management Server, and Acronis Agent

Acronis Catalog Browser Service can't start after Java update.


The Elastic Search is the database of the Acronis Catalog service. This component indexes the backed up data and enables search throughout all backups in managed locations. The Data folder contains these indexes and its size depends on the amount of data you have saved to the managed vault.

This article describes how to change the default catalog database folder for Acronis Storage Node.

To specify a new location for the Elastic Search database:


After Catalog Service reinstallation or Acronis Backup update, one or more copies of Catalog service are shown under Backups > Catalog.


Issue in the product. In some cases, component Catalog Browser performs double registration with Catalog Manager during product update.


As a workaround, delete the unnecessary entries in the catalog database (instructions for SQLite):


  • You back up a disk with a large number of files to a location with enabled Catalog.
  • When browsing folders of the backed up disk in the Catalog you are unable to see a backed up file.
  • When browsing the backup under the Backups tab, the backed up file is there

Example: file 0a is visible in Backups, but not shown in the Catalog

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