Mounts a file system in Acronis Linux

Provides information about the system in Acronis Linux

Unmounts a file system in Acronis Linux

Shows/manipulates the IP routing table

Removes module from Linux kernel

Reports a snapshot of the current processes

Reboots the system

Allows to access smb shares

Moves/renames files

Lists all PCI devices

Sends ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to a network host

Creates a directory

Terminates a process

Configures a network interface

Lists directory contents

Inserts a module into Linux Kernel

Concatenates file(s) and prints them to stdout

Runs command with root directory set to newroot.

Copies files and directories

Stops the system

Prints the full filename of the current working directory

Removes (unlinks) file(s)

Shuts down the system

List of Acronis Linux commands


You want to use static routing for your Acronis Virtual Appliance.

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