Disable Web contents in Folder Options to resolve the issue

You are using Microsoft Windows 8 and have defined another web browser as default (not Microsoft Internet Explorer) and cannot open web links from program. To fix this issue, please download and install latest build.

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari are supported


Sometimes, troubleshooting web console issues results in creation of pop-up browser windows (or opening the new ones).

If a HAR log is being collected on a page, the information in a pop-up is not logged by default, so the necessary information will be missing after the log is saved.


To make sure that HAR log is collected in pop-up window as well, do the following in Google Chrome:


  1. You installed Acronis Cyber Protect management server and logged in to the local web console.
  2. Using Internet Explorer 11, you attempt to activate an offline management server: Activation through file -> I do not have an activation file -> Download the registration file
  3. When you click on Download the registration file, file is not downloaded from cloud console. No error message is displayed.


You log in to Protection Console and perform some actions: manage backup plans, browse, etc

The following alert appears sporadically:

"Authorized user access to "partner" tenant is not supported." (Error Code: 100026)


Issue in the product.


This issue has been fixed in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud 21.06.