In some cases, Acronis Cyber Protect Connect for Windows may crash upon launch when initializing Bonjour, a third-party LAN scanning service.


If your application crashes, and you have got confirmation from our support team that Bonjour is the root cause, please follow the steps below to disable Bonjour and get the Acronis Cyber Protect Connect to work normally.

To disable Bonjour: 

Quick solution

If NAS is not listed under "My NAS connections" and/or under "Network", type NAS` IP-address in the text field "Back up to:", then hit Enter on keyboard.

Note: it may take several seconds to connect to the NAS.

If Acronis Cyber Protect Connect crashes when initializing Bonjour (a third-party LAN scanning service), disabling Bonjour should resolve the issue.

To disable Bonjour: