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With server version 5, the functionality of the WebAccess has changed somewhat. It is now possible to manually choose the physical location where the files, which end users download via WebAccess, will temporarily be stored.

For environments with one front-end server, this can easily be configured via the 'WebAccess download location' option within the server settings in the Management Console. This setting will then be stored in the settings.xml in the folder 'C:\Program Files\BackupAgent Server\CloudBackupService'.

In case you do not have an session aware load balancer, or your servers are hosted in Azure, your managementconsole keeps requesting you to login over and over again. This is caused by the fact the session can switch between the load balanced servers.

You can resolve this by creating an SQL session management setup on your environment.

These are the steps you need to take to make this work:

First we need to create an ASP session state on a SQL server:

in case you want to use an Amazon S3 storage clone (for example Ceph), the following S3 API functions have to be implemented and supported by the clone:


When making a backup, the following error is reported in the logs:

The request failed with HTTP status 413: Request Entity Too Large.


The main cause could be related to several issues, such as a firewall setting or some form of SSL offloading being used.


In IIS 7.5:

Edit the applicationHost.config file in C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config and increase the uploadReadAheadSize.

In IIS 8.5:

Sometimes it happens that the managementconsole web page is show incorrectly.
The page is show without pictures or styling.

If you open an URL like 'https://%yourdns%' it all works fine but if you add '/managementconsole' to the URL no pictures or styling is shown.

This is caused by an additional mimeMap setting in the web.config file in the ../ManagementConsole folder of you server installation. The mimeMap setting looks like this:

When a account is getting full, and it should not because of the retention settings, t

This article explains a possible workaround in case of aborted backups with an error message as such (or similar):

When you add a new storage location to your BackupAgent server install, and you would like to move users from your old l

Please view the following whitepaper for more information on advanced installation scenarios:

This document describes how to move a BackupAgent Server installation to a new/different server.

How to replace the  email address of a group with a fixed one every time a group is created

There are two options to replace the license:

Sometime when using AD integration, the wrong default language and country is set for all newly created u

Our emails include special headers on which you can apply filters in your mail server or mail client:

We have bundled all support views and storedprocedures into a “SupportManagementPack” which can be used for support purposes.


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