backup storage


1. Backup storage was registered initially with ACI version 4.5 and below;

2. Attempt to update ABGW certificate via WebCP > Storage Services > Backup Storage > Settings > Certificate or via CLI in ACI 4.6/4.7/5.0 fails with error like the following:

Usage cases

  1. There are sync issues between the Management and the Cyber Protection Console usages; Backup Storage location cannot be refreshed manually and displaying outdated list of archives (i.e. already deleted backups);
  2. User account is already deleted but the Backup Storage location is still appearing in the Backup Storage tab; 

As a service provider using Acronis Backup Cloud solution you can have a Backups storage based on Acronis Cyber Infrastructure/Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure/Acronis Storage) registered in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. In case if change of backup storage address is required, the approach below may be used.


1. Prior to change of storage address it is required to configure new appropriate DNS records using a new domain name;


Backup Storage tab cannot be opened: it is loading infinitely or gives "504 Gateway Time-out" error.


Issue in the product. 

This issue has been fixed in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud 22.04

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure represents a new generation of the so-called Hyper-Converged Infrastructure targeted at both managed service providers and end customers. It represents a sophisticated platform bringing various heterogeneous hardware and software components together to create a homogeneous software-defined hyper-converged system.


On attempt to create Backup storage the following error is being observed:

Offering items required for infra component registration are not available.


Error may be caused by one of the following:


1. Backup storage is provisioned and registered under Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud;

2. On attempt to update Backup storage certificate per KB59997 the following error is being observed:

mismatched user names: have 'X' on the command line, and 'Y' in '/mnt/vstorage/vols/acronis-backup/<path>/.abgw.registration-info'

For example:

The article describes step-by-step how to register new Acronis Backup Gateway with existing ID remained from the previous installation of Acronis Backup Gateway.


  • Backup deletion from Backup storage tab fails with error "You try to delete an already deleted archive. Probably list of archives is outdated. Press refresh vault to get the actual archive list"
  • An old deleted backup or archive re-appears in Backup storage tab


The deleted backup still appears in the list because the list of archives was not refreshed automatically.