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This article cover errors and failures during disk management operations in Acronis True Image, including cloning, conversion and volume deletion/creation issues. It provides possible causes for the errors and how to troubleshoot the issues.


Before anything else, be aware that these operations can lead to data loss! To avoid any possible disk and volume structure damage or data loss, please take all necessary precautions and follow these simple rules:

Do the following to troubleshoot an issue with activating Acronis Startup Recovery Manager:


Product may hang under specific circumstances.

There are 2 types of hanging:

This article provides information on how to troubleshoot issues with Try&Decide feature.


If you have Boot Order Lock or a similar boot order protection feature on your computer, disable it before using Try&Decide, as it can interfere with the software's ability to take actions after reboot.

This article cover errors and failures cases with System clean-up in Acronis True Image. It provides information about steps necessary for investigation. Always make sure you are facing the issues with the latest build of the product (if it is possible).

System clean-up issues may happens under specific circumstances. To identify the exact cause, it is necessary to look into the Acronis System Report and Process Monitor. Please complete prerequisites step before proceeding to Collect information step.