assign license


  1. You installed Agent for Windows XP SP2 on a machine with Windows XP SP2 x86 and registered the installed Agent on Management Server
  2. Management Server contains available licenses for Acronis Cyber Protect 15 /Acronis Cyber Backup 15
  3. When you try to assign a license to the Agent on Windows XP SP2 machine, no license can be assigned:


  1. When you try to manage licenses in Settings > Licenses, nothing happens. The interface just blinks, and the license is not assigned or revoked. No error message is shown. 
  2. Protection plans are executed as if the licenses were assigned correctly.
  3. In the account_server.log (located in \ProgramData\Acronis\AccountServer\Logs), you see error messages similar to the following one:


When you try to assign an Acronis Cyber Protect license for Windows Server Essentials to a machine with Windows Server 2022 Essentials, the operation fails with:

There is no free license suitable for the device.


Backup or a different operation with Windows Server 2022 Essentials machine fails with

The protection plan cannot be run as the device has no license