1.  Backup to an archive of version 12 format fails with the following message:

The file is corrupted

2. You expand activity details and in the line "Failed to open archive" you see a file with .tibx extension, for example:
error 0x400355: Failed to open archive 'Acronisbackup.tibx'.


  1. You save backups to an unmanaged location using Version 12 archive format 
  2. Two or more backup archives have the same "Date modified" value


  1. You have a backup plan with replication. Backup format is set to Automatic selection in Backup options.
  2. The resulting archive is in Version 11 format as the original archive was created by older product version
  3. After the archive is deleted in original location, replication fails with the following error:

    Cannot use this type of backup archive.