This article describes the list of guest OSes which are supported for Application-Aware Backup

When creating an application-aware backup, you need to specify a guest OS user from Administrators group.

If the guest OS user that you specify is not built-in Administrator, then the following changes must be applied in the guest OS so that this user can be used for application protection in Acronis Backup.

Otherwise, you will see one of these errors:

The specified user does not have enough rights to create an application-aware backup. User Account Control is enabled in the guest system and this user is not a built-in administrator.



Application-aware backup of a machine with Exchange fails with:

Windows error: (0x80131501) Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

An application-aware backup of a machine with Exchange used to work but started failing with this error message, after an unclean shutdown (e.g. due to power loss or hardware-caused reboot, or reboot of underlying hypervisor if the Exchange server is running inside a VM).


  1. You try to enable application-aware backup of ESXi virtual machine,
  2. Operation fails with the following error:

Failed to get the object's property 'disk.EnableUUID'


You are backing up a VM with Active Directory; application-aware backup is enabled. A new dedicated domain administrator account was created on the VM specifically for application backup with Acronis Cyber Protect (see Required user rights).

Backup plan completes with a warning message:

The credentials are incorrect.