Starting Wednesday April, 15, 2020, API access will be removed from regular Autotask user accounts.

If integration of Acronis Cloud with Autotask PSA is configured using regular user account, you will see the following message on integration page:

Please create an API user with the integration name "Acronis - Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud" and update current user credentials according to the Autotask PSA API version 1.6 requirements.

If you need to create a Partner account that does not have access to Account Management but has read-only access to Cyber Protection console, you can create a new red-only administrator or modify an existing account to give them read-only administrator role.


Audit log shows multiple User was blocked warnings with the following description:

<Username> was blocked due to ten failed sign-in attempts

User agent: 'Faraday v0.9.2'

Audit log tab shows that the failed logins came from IP in datacenter-internal 10.x.x.x network.

When one checks the events in the Audit log tab in the Management console at the tenant level where the respective cloud login was blocked, one can see parts of the event payload like: