1. You're using cPanel or Plesk integration and attempt to install Agent on AlmaLinux,
  2. Installation fails with:

    NotSupportedLinuxDistrError: Unsupported linux distributive "almalinux"


cPanel and Plesk don't support agent installation on AlmaLinux.


Starting from version 1.6.5, Acronis Backup plugin supports the AlmaLinux OS. Please use the latest version.


You have successfully installed an Acronis Backup Agent, but registration failed and machine does not appear in Cyber Protection console.

Or you need to re-register a client machine to another Backup Account.


There are 2 methods

Method 1

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud has introduced a new option to register/ re-register the installed Backup Agent using the installer. The registration or re-registration can be done both on the Machine where the Backup Agent is installed or on a different machine.


  1. Acronis Management Server is installed on a 64-bit machine
  2. When you attempt to add a device with 32-bit architecture, the installation fails with the following error:

     Installation process failed. {"Result":"Failed", "Code":"24510491", "Description":"Failed to download installation file 'resource.xml' from the server."}

You want to register a machine with Acronis Agent in the management server. Registration fails. You check Acronis Managed Machine service and notice that it is stopped.

When you try to start the service, you get this error (logged in Windows event logs):
Error 0xb9000b: Failed to initialize network module.
| trace level: error
| line: 0xb957662f70a242f
| file: e:\327\enterprise\service\impl\server.cpp:678
| function: Core::ServerImpl::StartNetworkServer
| $module: mms_vsa64_12420
| error 0x30002: CannotBind
| line: 0xe6f03fbb500414fa
| file: e:\327\enterprise\common\async_ipc\async\io_base_libevent.cpp:371
| function: AsyncIpc::Libevent::IoBase::Activate
| $module: asyncipc_vsa64_12420

Activity (refreshing location, deleting archives, etc.) finishes with error:

Failed to connect to the Agent Core service on this machine


When using the integration's install Agent functionality, if an older version of the Acronis agent is already installed on the workload, the agent does not get updated.

The script reports that Agent is already installed, even if the Agent is not the latest version, but does not update the agent.


Issue in the product.


After Agent installation, the user experiences issues with printers, such as:

  • printing does not work at all
  • printing requests are sent slowly
  • network printers cannot be found

The print spooler service crashes (traces of this can be found in the MS Event Logs) when the Agent is installed and a protection plan with Anti-Malware Protection is enabled on the machine.

Printing works fine if the protection plan with Anti-Malware Protection is disabled.


Issue in the product: Printer Spooler crash.

Table of trial limitations of Acronis products

To let Acronis products operate properly in the network, you need to open specific ports in Firewall settings.