Agent registration


You try to install Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 or Acronis Cyber Protect 15 on a machine where a NIC is disconnected or missing. Both Management Server and Agent are selected for installation.

At 99% of installation progress you get an error:

Registration failed.

Backup agent: "Failed to connect to the management server"

Manual registration fails with an error: ZmqGW return empty AMS addresses list


Issue in the product.


  1. You want to install an agent in an environment with a proxy.
  2. You have configured proxy according to the user guide (Acronis Cyber Protect 15
  3. Agent registration fails with the following error:

    503 service unavailable


Agent registration fails with the following error:

Failed to validate possible tenant change: unintended tenant change

This error usually occurs when re-registering the Agent, e.g. to a different tenant. 


Issue in the product: resource remains tied to the previous tenant and cannot be registered to a new tenant.


There are 2 possible workarounds:

You want to register a machine with Acronis Agent in the management server. Registration fails. You check Acronis Managed Machine service and notice that it is stopped.

When you try to start the service, you get this error (logged in Windows event logs):
Error 0xb9000b: Failed to initialize network module.
| trace level: error
| line: 0xb957662f70a242f
| file: e:\327\enterprise\service\impl\server.cpp:678
| function: Core::ServerImpl::StartNetworkServer
| $module: mms_vsa64_12420
| error 0x30002: CannotBind
| line: 0xe6f03fbb500414fa
| file: e:\327\enterprise\common\async_ipc\async\io_base_libevent.cpp:371
| function: AsyncIpc::Libevent::IoBase::Activate
| $module: asyncipc_vsa64_12420