Agent installation

You install Acronis Agent on a Linux machine. Installation completes with this error:

Failed to build the SnapAPI kernel module. Operations with disk-level backups will not be available.


Installing or updating C21.11 or C21.12 agent on CloudLinux7.9 or CloudLinux8.5 (8.x) fails to (re)build snapapi26 and snumbd26 kernel modules. This happens after the latest updates to CloudLinux 7.9 and 8.5 (8.x in general).  trueimage-setup.log contains an error from DKMS about the use of deprecated feature: REMAKE_INITRD in the dkms.conf files of the agent's kernel modules.


  • You are using MacOS 13.1 or 13.2 and trying to install mac agent
  • When you run the installer, the following warning message is shown: "Incompatible operating system"


This warning is false due to an issue with the product.