Setting up E-mail notifications to have Acronis Drive Monitor send alerts and regular disk reports

This is a freeware tool designed to monitor the health status of your disks and help survive a possible disk failure

You can configure monitoring options in Acronis Drive Monitor

Acronis Drive Monitor supports all Windows operating systems starting from Windows XP

If any of your hard disks does not support S.M.A.R.T., you can use your own custom script to view the disk status in Acronis Drive Monitor

Health warning is reported when calculated health drops below the 70% threshold

Back up your drive immediately and replace it at the first opportunity

Known health reporting issues in Acronis Drive Monitor

Quick health degradation means that your drive may fail soon

Acronis Drive Monitor supports monitoring of events in Windows event log

If your hard drive does not support S.M.A.R.T., you may still try enabling it

To eliminate this problem completely, review the drive(s) cooling

There are message(s) detected in the Windows Event Log that indicate increased risk of unexpected data loss

To eliminate this problem completely, review the drive(s) cooling

How disk health is calculated

Support for Acronis Drive Monitor is community-based and is provided through Acronis Knowledge Base and forum

Acronis Drive Monitor is a freeware tool available for public download from this link.

This tool is designed to monitor safety of data on desktops and servers by analyzing three major parameters: