This is a known issue. Just stop the activity


From within the MassTransit Administrator Administrator, the MassTransit Log appears to not contain any data.


In rare cases, the Log window in the MassTransit Administrator may appear to not contain any data. To repair the log function we recommend the following course of action:

Acronis Management Server database accumulates entries with completed activities and accepted alerts, and can reach considerable size because of this. To reduce the size of Acronis Management Server database you can use a special script to clean up older entries.

Backup activity tab becomes empty after updating Acronis True Image 2018 to build 10410.


You receive the following error:

“Activity 'Applying retention rules' failed. The activity has failed due to a restart of the service.”


Possible causes are service crash or machine restart


To resolve the issue please do the folowing:


By default, Activities in Acronis Backup 12.5 are kept for 1 year.

To change for how long the Activities are retained, do the following:

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