Active Protection


A third-party application runs slowly if Acronis True Image is installed.

Only those applications are affected, whose executable files (.exe) do not have a valid digital signature, AND modify a lot of files in a small period of time as part of its normal work.

To check if an executable file has a valid digital signature or not, follow the steps below:


This article explains how to enable Active Protection if the Tray Notification Center displays a message "Acronis Active Protection is turned off" :


Active Protection can only be enabled from Acronis True Image main program's interface.

Launch Acronis True Image, click the Active Protection tab, and then click the toggle to enable Acronis Active Protection:


I have the Active Protection and Lightweight Agent installed at the same time in Acronis Manager Standard with Antivirus (AV) protected VMs. Could this be causing issues with my scheduled Antivirus scans?


I am having issues reinstalling and upgrading Active Protection inside the VMs in Acronis Cloud Security. What might be causing this, and how do I fix it?


To be able to figure out the root cause of some of the VMs in your environment having difficulties with reinstalling and upgrading Active Protection (AP), please perform the following troubleshooting steps:

1. On the VM having issues with the AP Installation

Answers to frequent questions


Question: why a ransomware attack was not stopped by Acronis Active Protection? What happened?

Answer: there are many possible reasons, an investigation is required to determine the cause.


After Update 5 (build 16180) installation, self-protection detects Acronis processes – mms.exe, managementserver.exe, service_process.exe – as suspicious:

Self-protection detected suspicious process 'C:\Program Files\Acronis\...'


Issue in the product.


This issue has been fixed in Build 16318, please update to the latest build.


You receive the following alert:

Cyber Protection (or Active Protection) service is not responding


Alert is raised when Acronis Active Protection service or Acronis Cyber Protection service has been enabled for this machine, but is not started or does not respond.


Acronis Active Protection stops on its own.

"Application error" event about anti_ransomware_service.exe is recorded in Windows Application event log (open Windows Start menu, type eventvwr.msc, press Enter, navigate to Windows Logs - Application).


Known issue with the software. The application crash occurs when the software is unable to parse configuration files.