Acronis Storage


You want to register Acronis Cyber Infrastructure using SPLA.

Once you click Register, you get redirected to Acronis Cyber Cloud management portal. Pop-up window "Cluster was added" appears, but no entries are added in the list of clusters in Acronis Cyber Cloud. When you return back to WebCP, you receive a generic error:
Internal Server Error

Acronis SDI is not registered.

In Celery logs, you notice a failed request with internal server error (response 500):

As a service provider using Acronis Cyber Cloud solution you can have a hybrid storage organized for storing backups (such as Acronis Cyber Infrastructure/Acronis Storage or Acronis Backup Gateway).

There may be a situation requiring you to re-register the hybrid storage. Below are instructions on how to perform this operation for different versions of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure/Acronis Storage.

Acronis Storage Gateway:

Starting with Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud v.7.7, you can delete storage from the Management Portal directly. See this guide for help.

In older versions, do the following to remove an Acronis Storage instance from Acronis Backup Cloud:

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 2.5

Release notes

Acronis Storage 2 changelog