Acronis Cyber Infrastructure


The following alerts may be observed in WebCP > Monitoring > Alerts of ACI cluster:

  • Cluster has reached 80% of licensed storage capacity
  • Cluster has reached 90% of licensed storage capacity

Meanwhile on WebCP > Settings > Licenses pane, it can be seen that licensed capacity is consumed for less than 80%.


Issue in product.


The main goal of the operations below is to re-create Partner-hosted backup storage registered in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud in case of the following scenario:


On attempt to perform cluster update the following error message appears as result of eligibility check:

shaman target is disabled on the following nodes:

Manual check of shows on the listed node(s) shows that it is disabled indeed:


Update of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure to version 5.1 fails on stage of updating "Management panel and Compute API". Error message is "Failed to do post-update actions".

In logs of Management Node following error message can be observed during period of update: