ACI update

ACI node was deployed in Azure VM per documentation "Backup Gateway Quick Start Guide for Microsoft Azure" with version less then 3.5. azure-cli package in version less than 2.0.77-1 is installed.

Attempt to perform cluster update or check updates via WebCP fails without specific error, manual attempt to update azure-cli package separately fails due to dependency issue.


1. On multi-node Acronis Cyber Infrastructure cluster after downloading updates via WebCP > Settings > Updates > Download there is no Install button:

2. Manual check of update status via CLI shows that one of the nodes has status uptodate while another ones are in download_completed status:

You get this error message on attempt to check cluster updates or start updates via WebCP -> Settings -> Updates:

Failed to start update check
Yum repository is inaccessible on <node_name>

Yum repository is accessible from the affected node, however, the log /var/log/vstorage-ui-agent/software-updates.log contains the following messages:

error: cannot open Packages database in /var/lib/rpm


On attempt to perform cluster update the following error message appears as result of eligibility check:

There are inactive nodes. Check "shaman stat -j"

Manual check of shaman stat -j shows inactive node(s):


Cluster update eligibility check shows the following message:

"Not enough space on / or /boot on these nodes: < affected node name >"



It is caused by to lack of space in root partition ( / ) or in boot partition ( /boot ) on system disk.