The following requirements must be met before installing upgrade to Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 3.0:

ACI node was deployed in Azure VM per documentation "Backup Gateway Quick Start Guide for Microsoft Azure" with version less then 3.5. azure-cli package in version less than 2.0.77-1 is installed.

Attempt to perform cluster update or check updates via WebCP fails without specific error, manual attempt to update azure-cli package separately fails due to dependency issue.

As a service provider using Acronis Cyber Cloud solution you have a hybrid storage organized for storing backups such as Acronis Cyber Infrastructure. After update of ACI cluster to the version 3.5.4(24) you started to observe failing backups with Network connection failed due to timeout error.


1. ACI cluster is updated to 3.5.4 version or higher:

You get this error message on attempt to check cluster updates or start updates via WebCP -> Settings -> Updates:

Failed to start update check
Yum repository is inaccessible on <node_name>

Yum repository is accessible from the affected node, however, the log /var/log/vstorage-ui-agent/software-updates.log contains the following messages:

error: cannot open Packages database in /var/lib/rpm


1. On multi-node Acronis Cyber Infrastructure cluster after downloading updates via WebCP > Settings > Updates > Download there is no Install button:

2. Manual check of update status via CLI shows that one of the nodes has status uptodate while another ones are in download_completed status: