Network cannot be accessed from a machine booted from Acronis Bootable Media

Allow the Network access for VMware Adapter on the "Network" tab

When installed on the same machine with PC Angel, Acronis products either crash or cannot access hard disk drives

Try solving the issue by increasing the IRPStackSize value

If you are providing the correct password and Acronis True Image errors out with "The password does not match", please reinstall the product to resolve the issue

This is an issue with the Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager)

Check the article for all possible solutions

The port is chosen at random, the hostname is, and the Firewall exception is "Acronis Sync Agent Service"

Acronis True Image and Acronis Backup & Recovery cannot access FTP servers that do not confirm transfer completion after the LIST command or do not support MLST and MLSD commands

Unmount any backups that you have or reboot the machine to solve the issue


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When setting up recovery to the original location on a network share, explicitly specify the access credentials

How to set up user permissions on centralized vaults


1.You select a mapped public network share as a backup destination

2. Acronis True Image requests credentials for accessing public network share


Issue in the product


This article explains the configuration of Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) to support guest access.


In Windows, the Anonymous Logon group is not a member of the Everyone group by default.

In order to enable guest access, Acronis Files Connect requires that the Anonymous Logon group be a member of the Everyone group.


  1. You are attempting to install Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Agent for Windows or Acronis Disk Director 11 Advanced;
  2. The installation starts, but then rolls back;
  3. In the installation log you search for the Return value 3 entry (for operating systems in English) and you see the following error entries:

    (!) For complete information on how to analyze installation logs, please see Analyzing Installation Logs of Acronis Products Based on MSI Technology.


I want to configure the access during installation of Management Service, Host Agent and Management Console components using best practices to avoid any access related issues in the future with Acronis Manager Datacenter. How do I do that?


Management Service Setup

1. Select the user that will run the Management Service:

This is a known issue with Google Chrome browsers on Android devices.

A guide on how to migrate from Access for Android version 3.2 to the newest version.