Attempt to set up Backup storage geo-replication between two ACI clusters fails on uploading configuration file to secondary cluster with error message Clusters must be registered at the same account server, e.g.:


Backup to partner-hosted storage (Backup Gateway) fails with:

Failed to get information about the archives. Access to the file is denied


Backup Gateway on Microsoft Azure to store backups in the Azure cloud is being deployed per Acronis Cyber Infrastructure Backup Gateway Quick Start Guide for Microsoft Azure.

This troubleshooting guide is applicable in cases when deployment failed on the InitializeStorage step:


1. Backup storage was registered initially with ACI version 4.5 and below;

2. Attempt to update ABGW certificate via WebCP > Storage Services > Backup Storage > Settings > Certificate or via CLI in ACI 4.6/4.7/5.0 fails with error like the following:


1. Backup storage was registered initially with ACI version 4.5 and below;

2. Attempt to update ABGW certificate via WebCP > Storage Services > Backup Storage > Settings > Certificate or via CLI in ACI 4.6/4.7.0 fails with error like the following:

Cloud installation setup id '1549158355606fa6e94ef55b33886b73-1637911640' does not match the response of account server '7907a68a-af39-45b2-af96-d0971ec7e544'

As a service provider using Acronis Backup Cloud solution you can have a Backups storage based on Acronis Cyber Infrastructure/Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure/Acronis Storage) registered in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. In case if change of backup storage address is required, the approach below may be used.


1. Prior to change of storage address it is required to configure new appropriate DNS records using a new domain name;


1. Manual ACI Backup Gateway registration in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud per Administration Guide or attempt to update the certificate for backup storage fails with one of the following errors in UI:


You want to register or remove an ABGW storage in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. You get this error:

User is not allowed to register/unregister storages.


Partner-owned storage offering item is not enabled.


Enable Partner-owned backup storage offering item:


You try to set up a Backup Gateway. In the service console, you navigate to Storage services > Backup storage screen and click Create backup storage.

When you fill all the fields and click Create, you get this error:

Failed to create backup storage. Change the input data and try again.

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure represents a new generation of the so-called Hyper-Converged Infrastructure targeted at both managed service providers and end customers. It represents a sophisticated platform bringing various heterogeneous hardware and software components together to create a homogeneous software-defined hyper-converged system.


This article describes the items to check and basic troubleshooting of Backup Storage service (ABGW) in Acronis Cyber Infrastructure (ACI).


On attempt to create Backup storage the following error is being observed:

Offering items required for infra component registration are not available.


Error may be caused by one of the following:


After updating Acronis Cyber Infrastructure to version 4.5.0 (284) the following symptoms are observed:

1. Existing Backup Storage configuration is not displayed, default screen is shown instead in WebCP > Storage Services > Backup storage :

This article is intended for system administrators operating Acronis Cyber Infrastructure with Acronis Backup Gateway cluster backed by any object storage backend (Amazon s3, Azure, Google, Swift, or other).
This article describes new behavior introduced in version 4.0 of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure. 

As a service provider using Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud solution you can have a hybrid storage organized for storing backups (such as Acronis Cyber Infrastructure/Acronis Storage or Acronis Backup Gateway).

There may be a situation requiring to update Backup Storage certificate chain. Below are instructions on how to perform this operation for different versions of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure/Acronis Storage.

The article describes step-by-step how to register new Acronis Backup Gateway with existing ID remained from the previous installation of Acronis Backup Gateway.


The main goal of the operations below is to re-create Partner-hosted backup storage registered in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud in case of the following scenario:

This article explains how to open Acronis Backup Gateway logs. It is required for the troubleshooting storage-related issues.

In Acronis Storage 2.0, logs were written to a .gz file. Since Acronis Storage 2.1, Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure and Acronis Cyber Infrastructure, logs are written to a .zst file. 

Default ABGW log location:


Update of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure to version 5.1 fails on stage of updating "Management panel and Compute API". Error message is "Failed to do post-update actions".

In logs of Management Node following error message can be observed during period of update:


This article describes upgrade path for Acronis Storage 2.x (AS) / Acronis Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) / Acronis Cyber Infrastructure (ACI) Clusters to the latest version.

More information regarding Acronis Support Lifecycle Policy for Infrastructure Products may be found on Acronis Portal.


Backup or another activity fails with the following error:

Operation failed due to a temporary issue in the cloud storage.

In Error Details of the error, the following message is being observed:


1. Backup storage is provisioned and registered under Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud;

2. On attempt to update Backup storage certificate per KB59997 the following error is being observed:

mismatched user names: have 'X' on the command line, and 'Y' in '/mnt/vstorage/vols/acronis-backup/<path>/.abgw.registration-info'

For example: