You can convert Acronis True Image Home 2010 TIB file to Windows backup VHD file to be able to boot from it

Set the correct credentials to fix the issue

To restore your system from Windows 7 Backup, you need to restore the whole disk where the system partition is

An attempt to apply Try&Decide changes results in BSOD and system reboot

The backup task points to a non-existent partition as backup destination

How to proceed if an Acronis product freezes the system during the operation or installation

Acronis Backup & Recovery and Acronis True Image Home support Blu-ray Discs

Only older versions of Acronis products support VIA C3 processors

Support of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 will be available in future

Download an ISO image from the Acronis website, burn it to a CD/DVD, and issue a special command to get the proper screen resolution

Acronis services are not started. As a result, operations fail

You have entered an incorrect E-mail or password. Please ensure that you type in a correct E-mail and password for your Acronis account

Update and repair Windows Installer to fix the issue

If there is an issue with correct installation of Acronis software, then it can be useful to send an installation log along with the request for support

This article gives description of how backup archives are compatible with different versions of Acronis backup software