Setting Up a Custom Pre-Backup Command that Will Automatically Manage Backup Files Saved to a Network Share

How to set up a pre-backup command that will manage backup files saved to a network share through Acronis Group Server


Setting it up

  1. Please start Acronis Management Console and connect to the computer that has the Acronis Group Server component installed. Go to the "Group Tasks Management" and select the "New Group Task" option:

  2. Select the computers you want to schedule the group task for:

  3. Select the disks or partitions you want to back up:

  4. Specify the location for the backup files (a network share):

  5. Set the [ComputerName] wildcard as a backup filename (just click on the "computer" icon on the right):

  6. Select the option to "Create incremental backup if possible":

  7. Specify the user credentials for accessing the network share (your backup location):

  8. Set up a pre-backup command (click on the "Edit" button):

  9. In the "Edit Command" window specify the following parameters:

    Here is an example of the correctly set up pre-backup command:

  10. Specify the rest of the group task options including the local or domain Administrator username and password for accessing the computers you are scheduling the task for and scheduling options (daily, weekly, monthly, one time only, etc task). Press "Proceed" to apply the task to the selected computers.

What the above described schedule will do