8153: Getting Support through Acronis Website

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Last update: 02-12-2022

To get Support go to the Acronis website - you should be automatically redirected to the local web-site according to your location. If not - then please choose the local web-site from the Choose your region menu at the top. After that go to the "Support" tab -> "Customer service and support".

Welcome to Acronis Customer Service and Support Portal. Here you can use our self-help resources and contact Acronis Support.

You want to quickly find a solution, a how-to guide, documentation or the newest product update

Select a product or product family to find how-to guides and solutions for known issues:

You can also download latest product updates, retrieve a lost serial number, submit feedback, find documentation for our products or post your question in Acronis Community:

Or browse the Knowledge base:

You have an Acronis product and want to contact support

Check your support options in List of support options for Acronis products.
  1. Click Contact Support:

  2. Select Technical assistance:
  3. Log in to your account:
  4. Navigate to the Support tab:

  5. Select Technical assistance:
  6. Select an available option:

You don't have an Acronis product yet and have a question

  1. Click Contact support:
  2. Select Trial/Pre-sales/Licensing question:
  3. Select an option:

You want to see your open tickets

  1. Log in to your Acronis account.
  2. Click the profile icon, and then click Support requests: