70314: Remote assistance with Zoom

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Last update: 28-04-2023

Using Zoom for remote troubleshooting 


In some cases, an Acronis Support representative might ask you to have a Zoom session in order to access your computer remotely. This is done to help troubleshoot a possible issue that you may have. Acronis Support representative will send you a Zoom meeting invitation for a scheduled remote session.

Acronis respects your privacy, and no confidential or sensitive data is viewed or gathered. See also Acronis Privacy Statement.


Follow the steps below if you do not have Zoom client installed:

  1. Click on the link that Acronis Support representative sent to you
  2. When Zoom window opens, click Download now

  3. Open the downloaded Zoom file:

  4. Enter your name and click Join meeting:

  5. Agree to terms of service and privacy policy

  6. Choose an option to join the audio conference. The easiest method is to join with computer audio:

  7. After connection is established, Acronis Support representative will request permission to remotely control your desktop. Click Grant permission:

  8. If at any step you see a message from User Account Control, allow Zoom to make changes:

  9. During remote support session, support representative may ask you to share clipboard, to be able to copy/paste text and commands between machines. To enable clipboard sharing, go to the Zoom menu in the top of the screen, click Remote control and the select Share clipboard.

To learn more about Zoom please see: 

How to prepare for remote Zoom session 

If you already have a Zoom account and Zoom is installed on your machine, we recommend to explicitly enable remote control of applications:

  1. Start your Zoom application as Administrator
  2. Open Zoom Settings: click on account icon in the top right corner and select Settings in the menu:

  3. Under Share Screen tab check the box Enable the remote control of all applications:


More information

In case using Zoom is not possible, remote session can be done with Acronis Cyber Desktop Quick Connect.

Please contact your Acronis Support representative if you have difficulties with the above.

Also, please see the Acronis Privacy Statement. The Acronis Remote Assistance connection will only be used to address an Acronis support case.