68511: Acronis Snap Deploy 6: сreating deployment template

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Last update: 15-04-2021

When setting up a deployment operation (deployment task), you must specify a deployment template. Deployment templates also enable user-initiated deployment. See User-Initiated Deployment (custom deployment).

  1. Start the Acronis Snap Deploy Management Console and click Action -> Manage templates:

  2. Click Create new:

  3. Provide a path to the master image:

  4. If the image contains more than one disk, specify the disk that you want to deploy, and then click Next. You can select only one disk:

  5. If the disk you selected contains more than one volume, specify the volumes that you want to deploy. You can select one or more volumes;

  6. Set the deployment settings that will apply to all target machines:

    For more information about deployment settings refer to the product documentation.

  7. Specify whether to use Acronis Universal Restore technology. If you select to use Acronis Universal Restore, then at the next steps you will be offered to specify location for device drivers and provide mass storage device drivers that should be installed in the deployed systems.

  8. Review the summary and click Save to create the deployment template.