63144: Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: "Disk write cache disabled/enabled" alert

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Last update: 21-09-2022


Depending on the version of Acronis Cyber Infrastracture one of the following alerts may be observed in WebCP > Monitoring > Alerts:

1. With ACI version 4.0 and lower:

Disk write cache disabled for disk <disk_name> on node "<node_name>"

2. With ACI version 4.5 and higher:

Disk write cache is enabled for disk <disk_name> on node "<node_name>". Disable it to avoid potential data loss in case of a power outage.


As some hard disk drives do not have flushing capabilities, write cache may be disabled on them in case of lack of backup battery units (BBUs) on disk controller or not having Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) for the server itself, otherwise a power outage may result in data loss in case of enabled write cache.

Overall disabling/enabling of write cache depends on best practices and recommendation of hardware vendor.


The alert may be ignored and is disabled starting with ACI 5.2.1-57 version.

If you previously disabled or enabled the write cache as was suggested by the alert, please reset your write cache settings to their defaults in accordance with recommendations of hardware vendor.

Contact Acronis support in case of any additional questions or issues regarding this topic.