61570: Acronis Cyber Backup: local storage usage is not recalculated after deleting archives

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You are backing up to a local storage. You have manually deleted backup files from the file system of this storage, not through Cyber Protection console.

You notice, that local storage usage was not updated after backup deletion.


Manual deletion of files from the file system (not from product interface) does not lead to local backup usage update.


Refresh usage statistics:

  1. Open Cyber Protection console.
  2. Navigate to Settings -> Agents and check whether all agents have the latest version. If some of the agents are not updated to the latest version, upgrade them as described in this article.
  3. Navigate to Backup storage and select the backup location where the deleted backups were located.
  4. Click the gear icon and then click Refresh.
    For Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud: If you do not see the Refresh option, please check if your datacenter is 7.8 or later version and all agents are 12.5.12110 version or later.