46415: Acronis Snap Deploy: Processes and Services

Last update: 07-04-2022

Acronis Snap Deploy processes:

Process name Purpose
SnapDeployConsole.exe Operates the Management Console (GUI)
schedul2.exe Executes scheduled deployments
schedhlp.exe Monitors Schedul2 service and restarts it if needed
agent.exe Enables main functionality
ImageCreatorService.exe Creates master images
MediaBuilder.exe Creates bootable media
fileserver.exe Acronis files/images download service
pxesrv.exe Acronis PXE Server service
LicenseServerConsole.exe An additional license management tool
LicenseServerCmdLine.exe Command line tool for license management
ds_invoker.exe Launches deployment tasks for execution
DeployPEBuilder.exe Windows PE Builder that can be run from Tool -> Create PE image
cdrecord2.exe Acronis component that is used for burning an image or Bootable media on CD/DVD
acroinst.exe Acronis remote install utility. This utility is run on a target machine during remote installation.
msi_setup.exe Acronis MSI Setup Utility. This utility is run on a target machine during remote installation.
jet_log_converter.exe Jet Log Converter Utility. Converts .jbl log files into readable .log files

Imports and exports the machines list


Acronis Snap Deploy services:

Service name Purpose
Acronis File Server Service Acronis files/images download service
Acronis PXE Server Service Enables network booting into a rescue environment over the subnet
Acronis Remote Agent Service Enables connectivity among Acronis components
Acronis Scheduler2 Service Provides scheduling for Acronis components' tasks