現在、App Storeを使ってBundle IDを確認する方法がありません。Bundle IDを確認するために、アプリに含まれるファイルを参照する必要があります。 

App Storeでアプリケーションのbundle identifier を検索する

1.Apple App Storeでアプリケーションを検索します。例として、Yelpを検索します。




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Versions 3.5, 3.5.1, and 3.5.2 of the mobilEcho iOS app use an encrypted database to manage the files stored within the mobilEcho app's on-device storage. The information required to access this database is stored in the iOS keychain. For security reasons, mobilEcho's keychain items are not restored to the new device during the backup and restore process.

Acronis Access Advanced and Acronis Mass Transit are not directly affected by Meltdown or Spectre.

Acronis True Image has been tested and is guaranteed to work with just one virtual machine format: Parallels Desktop 14. Only Mac version of Acronis True Image 2019 supports it.

Backup and recovery of Parallels Desktop 14 virtual machines

One of the unique features of Acronis True Image 2019 for Mac is its unrivaled support of Parallels Desktop 14 virtual machines backup, as part of disk backup on a Mac host:

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