How to check if the installation file has been downloaded correctly


  1. Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 のアップデート4(ビルド 12730)をインストールしました。
  2. アップデート後、削除されたオフホストのデータ処理計画(レプリケーション、ベリファイ、クリーンアップ)がスケジュール通りに開始されます。これらの計画は管理コンソールに表示されないため、削除もできません。





  1. バージョン 12 形式を使用してバックアップを作成します。
  2. 以下のエラーメッセージが表示され、アーカイブを使う操作(例えば、保持ルールの適用など)に失敗します:



You created multiple full backups in .tibx format. Then some of the backups were deleted or moved to a different location.

When you try to validate the backup using Validate all versions option, validation fails.


Specifics of product implementation. If some of the backups were moved or deleted outside Acronis True Image interface, then the integrated backup structure will be broken, resulting in the inability to validate the backup, as some parts of the backup archive are missing.


  1. You installed Update 4 of Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 (Build 12730)
  2. After update, deleted off-host data processing plans (replication, validation, cleanup) start running on schedule. It is not possible to delete these plans because they are not shown in Management Console.


Issue in the product.


This issue is fixed in Build 12860 and later, please update the product to the latest build.

  1. You create a backup using Version 12 format.
  2. An operation with archive (e.g. applying retention rules) fails with the error message

    Failed to lock the file

Because Acronis products work with the storage system of an operating system on a very low level, there is a small risk that different conflicts on this level can lead to an operating system crash during backup or other operations. Please follow the instructions below to troubleshoot these issues, depending on what operating system is being used..

Make sure that the antivirus software running in your environment does not block Acronis products. See Acronis Software: Making Acronis Products Compatible with Antivirus Software

Under specific circumstances, the software may crash. It is very important to report a crash instead of trying to workaround it. Normal workflow for a crash problem is the following: