How to rectify the situation if Acronis OS Selector's BOOTWIZ folder has been deleted

This article describes how to remove unused drivers that are not shown in Device Manager

Uninstallation of Acronis Backup Server includes manual removal of folders, files and registry keys associated with it

Acronis Backup & Recovery とそのコンポーネント、関連するファイルとフォルダを Linux から削除する


  • Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Advanced Server(エージェント for Linux)
  • Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Server for Linux(スタンドアロン版)
  • Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Advanced Server - Virtual Edition(エージェント for Linux)


Linux から製品を自動的にアンインストールするには、次のスクリプトを起動します。



Acronis True Image とそのコンポーネント、関連するファイルとフォルダを Linux から削除する方法


Removing Acronis True Image, its components and related files and folders from Linux

Acronis Backup and Security 2011 cannot be installed over Acronis True Image Home 2010. Please uninstall Acronis True Image Home 2010 before the installation

このユーティリティは、Windows から Acronis True Image Echo を削除するものです。Acronis セキュアゾーンの削除や Acronis リカバリマネージャの無効化はできません。


You will need to delete keys and strings from Windows registry to remove Acronis SnapAPI drivers

How to manually uninstall Acronis True Image 9.x and Echo series from Windows systems

The utility removes Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 and its components from Windows

How to remove Acronis Backup Archive Explorer

The utility removes Acronis True Image Echo from Windows. It does not remove Acronis Secure Zone or deactivate Acronis Startup Recovery Manager

Download a special Acronis utility, stop the service and uninstall the service

Windows から Acronis Disk Director 11 Home およびそのコンポーネントを削除するユーティリティ


Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 クリーンアップユーティリティはAcronis Backup & Recovery 11とその構成要素を削除するコンソール・アプリケーションです。

(!) For Acronis Backup 11.5 (Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5) see Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 Cleanup Utility.

Acronis Backup Archive Explorerを削除する方法

Removing Acronis Backup & Recovery, its components and related files and folders from Linux

You can uninstall Acronis Backup Client by starting the installation package and selecting Install Backup Client and then Remove or by running /usr/lib/Acronis/BackupAndRecovery/uninstall/uninstall. Should this way not work, you can uninstall Backup Client manually.

Follow these steps to completely delete Backup Client from your system:

1. Remove all modules from dkms:
# dkms status
snapapi26, 0.7.46, 2.6.9-1.667, i686: installed

Issue is fixed in Acronis Backup 11.5 (Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5). Acronis Secure Zone will be detected and displayed on the first connection to the Acronis Agent

The utility removes Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 and its components from Windows

(!) For Acronis Backup 11.5 (Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5) see Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 Cleanup Utility.

This article describes how to manually remove all traces of Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 from Windows


Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 クリーンアップユーティリティとは、Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 とそのコンポーネントを Windows から削除するコンソールアプリケーションです。

(注)Acronis Backup & Recovery 10クリーンアップユーティリティは、 通常のアンインストール(ウインドウズのコントロールパネルからAcronis製品を削除)に失敗する場合にのみ使用するツールです。

本ユーティリティは、Windows 2000 以降に用意されているコマンドラインインタプリタ(cmd.exe)のプレーンコマンドを使用して作成されています。



Generally, you can uninstall Agents for Windows using Programs and Features of the Control panel.

Alternatively, you can uninstall agents using this script:

List of recommendations on how to avoid system reboot after installing, uninstalling, updating or upgrading Acronis Backup & Recovery components in Windows


After installing or upgrading to Acronis Files Advanced 7.2.x and newer, LibreOffice will also be installed. If you uninstall LibreOffice, the Acronis Access Tomcat service will become unreachable at the next startup and you will not be able to open the web interface.



Web Previewing of files is a new feature introduced in version 7.2 of Acronis Files Advanced which requires LibreOffice to render the previews. This means that LibreOffice will always be installed with recent versions of Acronis Files Advanced.



Acronis スケジューラマネージャは、スケジュールされたタスクおよび Acronis スケジューラ2 サービス自体を管理できるコマンドラインユーティリティです。

ここに記載した手順は、Windows のすべてのバージョンおよびエディションに適用されます。


Acronis スケジューラ2 サービスの管理

The utility removes Acronis Disk Director 11 Home and its components from Windows

Cleanup Utility is a console application that removes Acronis Backup and its components from Windows.

(!) Cleanup Utility should be used only in case the product fails to be uninstalled the usual way from Windows Control Panel or using the installation file.

As a precautionary measure, prior to using the Cleanup Utility, we highly recommend that necessary backup measures be taken to preserve Customer data. This can be done using Acronis software or third party software and/or hardware.


Acronis True Image Beta is available in English and all the communication is performed in English language only. Other languages will become available in the release version of Acronis True Image 2020, when the Beta campaign finishes.