Configuring the product to let users deploy and redeploy their machines with one click on the boot menu

All deployment templates are saved on Acronis Snap Deploy 4 OS Deploy Server. You can use a saved template in the future

The cause is in the deployment template that has some options set which do not fit multiple machines deployment. As a result, some of the machines are left out

With the "Occupy disk space entirely" option selected in the Deployment Template Wizard, only the last partition is resized

Wireshark を使用すると、ネットワークトレースログを収集することができます。

When setting up a deployment operation (deployment task), you must specify a deployment template. Deployment templates also enable user-initiated deployment. See User-Initiated Deployment (custom deployment).

  1. Start the Acronis Snap Deploy Management Console and click Action -> Manage templates:

Using Wireshark you can collect network tracing logs