The following Acronis products support EFI-based systems:

Acronis products support Advanced Format disks

How to upload files to Acronis FTP Server

To back up machines in an ESXi Free environment, regular Acronis Agent for Windows/Agent for Linux (as opposed to Acronis Agent for ESX/ESXi or Acronis Agent for VMware) should be installed inside the virtual machines. Agentless backup is not supported.

Currently the following Acronis products support Windows 8/8.1:

Summary: list of available support options for Acronis products

それぞれの Acronis 製品で利用可能なサポート オプションの一覧。

Mobility Support & Maintenance Guide

File systems supported by Acronis True Image in Windows and Mac environments

The ext4 file system support has been implemented in the following products:

Acronis Customer Central provides support for trial versions via email/chat during the trial period (see Trial version limitations of Acronis products).