The issue has been fixed, please update to the latest build. As workaround delete the SQL Express base or a separate SQL Express instance.

Adding a machine to the Acronis Management Server fails with "The machine has already been registered". However the machine is not in the Acronis Management Server

Supported Microsoft SQL Server high-availability configurations

MS SQL Server 2005/2008/2008R2/2012/2014 are supported

Moving the Acronis Management Server directly is not possible, however there are a few steps that could assist you.

While performing a single-pass backup from SQL instance, you receive this error. To solve this issue make sure, that the SQL instance accepting remote connections or remove database mirroring prior to restore.


You need to free up additional disk space or change location of temporary files

To fix the issue, edit Windows Registry or download and replace a DLL file

MS SQL Server does not allow log truncation for databases that do not have native full backups. Create a native SQL full backup of that database once

アクロニス データベースを単純復旧モデルに変更します

By default, MS SharePoint on Windows SBS does not have any MS SQL user with the sysadmin role.

You need to assign the sysadmin role for proper Acronis SharePoint operation.

Take the following steps to give any Windows user an MS SQL sysadmin role:

Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server is a comprehensive backup and recovery tool for databases and entire Microsoft SQL Server instances

This article describes the product that is out of support lifecycle. Current version of the product is Acronis Backup 12.5 and MS SQL Server backup is included in Server licenses.


A single-pass backup (aka application-aware backup) is a disk backup containing metadata of VSS-aware applications that are present on the disk. This metadata enables browsing and recovery of the backed-up application data without recovering the entire disk or volume.

Single-pass is available for machines running SQL Server, SharePoint Server and Active Directory. Single-pass is not available for Microsoft Exchange.

Having Acronis Backup, you will see following new part (on local management or centralized management console) when Create backup plan:

How to move AMS or its SQL databases to another machine.

Change Acronis databases to Simple Recovery model

You can optimize energy consumption, network load and backup performance in Acronis products by adjusting multiple settings including performance, backup compression, backup start time and others. This article provides you with details on these settings.



  1. SQL データベースをバックアップしようとしています。そのために、直接データベースを選択するか、Microsoft SQL Server のアプリケーション バックアップを有効にした上でディスクレベルのバックアップを使用します。
  2. 以下のエラーが表示され、バックアップに失敗します:


  3. SQL QUERY SELECT @@SERVERNAME as SERVERNAME は古いホスト名または null を返します。



SQL データベースのアプリケーション認識型バックアップを行う際、以下の警告が表示されます:

「Microsoft SQL データベース '...' のファイル一覧を取得できません。」

When creating an application-aware backup, you need to specify a guest OS user from Administrators group.

If the guest OS user that you specify is not built-in Administrator, then the following changes must be applied in the guest OS so that this user can be used for application protection in Acronis Backup.

Otherwise, you will see one of these errors:

The specified user does not have enough rights to create an application-aware backup. User Account Control is enabled in the guest system and this user is not a built-in administrator.


それぞれの Acronis 製品で利用可能なサポート オプションの一覧。

Follow these steps to troubleshoot issues with single-pass backup of SQL Server databases:

Backup on Windows XP fails with error "Failed to create volume snapshot" if MS SQL Server is installed.


Application-aware backup of SQL databases finishes with the following warning:

Cannot get the file list of Microsoft SQL database '...'. 

All conditions must be true:

  1. Act! software and Microsoft SQL Server are installed
  2. Acronis True Image does not create a backup. If you click the red exclamation mark at the center of the backup screen, the following error message is displayed:
    1. Entire PC and disk/partition backups: Unable to create volume snapshot
    2. File and folder backup: Failed to backup file or folder
  3. The last modified log file at C:\ProgramData\Acronis\TrueImageHome\Logs\ti_demon contains the following text: VSS writer 'SqlServerWriter' with class ID 'A65FAA63-5EA8-4EBC-9DBD-A0C4DB26912A' has failed to process the snapshot

以下は、それぞれの Acronis 製品の試用版の制限を紹介する表です。