To the original machine

  1. Log in to Cyber Protection console and click Recover:
  2. Click Recover machine:
  3. Specify recovery options if you need them, otherwise skip this step



WinPE と WinRE メディアの概要は、こちらをご参照ください。



この記事には、Acronisソフトウェアを使用せずにWeb Restoreでファイルやフォルダを復元する方法を紹介しています。

この記事には、macOS 11 上でシステムを復元する方法を紹介しています。

When you try to recover files from an archive using the recovery wizard it shows not more than the first 5.000 files


This article describes how to configure and use the MySQL Administrator* application in order to automate the backup of MassTransit HP, Professional, Enterprise, Premier and Standard server databases.



You have created Acronis bootable media under macOS 10.15.5

After you recover the system using this bootable media, the machine does not boot.


Issue in macOS 10.15.5. 


  1. You have a backup stored in Acronis Cloud.
  2. When you click the Reconfigure, Recovery buttons or try to perform any other operation with the backup, a notification message appears, saying "An error occurred either during connection or on the server. Check your Internet connection, or try to sign out, restart the program and sign in again"



  1. You have a Nonstop backup.
  2. You want to recover some file(s) from that backup.
  3. While browsing backup contents in Acronis True Image's window under Recovery tab, you notice that one or more files are missing.


Known issue with Nonstop backup browser in Acronis True Image's window. Use one of the methods described below to retrieve the needed file(s) from the Nonstop backup.


The issue will be fixed in one of the future versions of the software.

You need to use Acronis Universal Restore to recover the system backup of one machine to another one with dissimilar hardware.

Do the following to recover files from a backup:

  1. Log in to Cyber Protection console, select the machine for which you plan to recover files, and click Recovery:
  2. Select the backup location from which you want to recover:

This article describes how to use Web Restore to retrieve files or folders without using Acronis software.

You restore a machine to dissimilar hardware and apply Acronis Universal Restore.

The process completes successfully, but the restored machine goes to BSoD with error "Stop 0x0000007B".

To save to and restore from shared folders, you need to make sure that special permissions are set

Acronis True Image restores LVM volumes as non-LVM partitions. You will need to take extra steps to make the restored system bootable. You can also restore LVM volumes to prepared LVMs


Physical Block size is the smallest amount of data that can be written at one time to a disk. Recent versions of Macs use 4096 bytes block size (4k sector size), while the default sector size on earlier Macs is 512 bytes.

When the backup is being recovered to a Mac with a different block size, it is impossible to automatically remap partitions. As the result, the restored system may be unbootable.

The macOS device block size can be determined by executing the following command from a Terminal window prompt:

What is a WinPE or WinRE media, see here.
How to create bootable media, see here.

This article explains how to recover your system Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (formerly Acronis True Image):

macOS Catalina operating system fails to boot after bare-metal restore, if it is restored with a bootable media created in macOS Catalina 10.15.5 version.

macOS Catalina 10.15.5 バージョンで作成されたブータブルメディアを使って、macOS Catalina というオペレーティングシステムのベアメタル復元を行いました。そのあと、macOS Catalina は起動に失敗します。

If you want to restore APFS volumes to a new or empty disk, you need to create partitions on this new disk before you restore from a backup. Follow this article to restore from your Mac backup to a new disk.

WinPE メディアまたは WinRE メディアについては、こちらをご参照ください。

この記事では、Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office(旧称: Acronis True Image)を使ってシステムを復元する方法を紹介しています:

What is a WinPE or WinRE media, see here.
How to create a bootable media, see here.

For a more detailed version of the instructions, click here.

To recover your system:


This article instructs how to use Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (formerly Acronis True Image) to recover Windows from a boot failure.

Use the present article only if the system is damaged to a state when you can't get to the Desktop screen and launch Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office normally. If you are able to access the program within running Windows, please follow instructions from that article instead.


Error "Video mode setup error: Error 0x1400006: Invalid video framebuffer parameters" occurs at computer boot time when you try one of the following:

  • Boot the computer from Acronis bootable media (Linux-based)
  • Use F11 feature (Acronis Startup Recovery Manager)
  • Perform a recovery, disk cloning or other operation, and a computer reboot was requested

Example error messages:

Example 1:

Acronis True Image でバックアップまたは復元の前後に、手動で作成したバッチファイルを自動的に実行することができます


バックアップ処理復元処理、または実際のデータの取り込みの前後に、Acronis True Image でバッチファイルを実行するようにできます。




You can make Acronis True Image execute manually created batch files before and after the backup or restore