There are cases when Acronis Disk Director may require you to reboot the machine to perform an operation

How to proceed with the issue when after successful deployment, the target system is being system patched on every reboot

After applying Try&Decide changes reboot the computer before creating Acronis Secure Zone with allocating space for it from system partition

Reboots the system

Restoring system partition requires the system to reboot before restoration starts

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 asks for a reboot to increase, decrease or create Acronis Secure Zone, or to restore partitions

Acronis Disk Director は、Windows のネイティブモードで再起動して保留中の変更内容を実行しますが、エラーが発生して失敗するか、変更が行われずに処理が完了します


Windows のネイティブモードでアクロニス製品が再起動されますが、クローン作成または復元が実行されずに数秒で終了します


Acronis Disk Director reboots in Windows Native Mode to commit pending changes, but the operation either fails with an error or completes with no result

Doing a hard reboot during a Try&Decide session can make the system unbootable

Acronis True Image inadvertently reboots the machine when run if there is File Securer installed

This is an issue in the Windows powrprof.dll library. Download the fix and replace Scheduler2 files

Acronis product reboots in Windows Native Mode, but the cloning or restore process finishes in a few seconds with no result

While Restoring LVM volume created with Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 in Sector-by-Sector mode ask for reboot before restore is finished


  1. You create a deployment task with the default option "Shut down" enabled for an Agent on Windows 8;
  2. After you perform a successful deployment, the Agent reboots instead of shutting down.


This is an irregular known issue.


As a workaround, please shut down the Agent machine manually (or through Remote Desktop).


You try to perform an operation in Acronis Disk Director and the software requests a PC reboot.

After the computer is rebooted as requested, nothing happens. The operation is not performed.


One of the known causes of the above described behavior is an issue with scheduling the requested operation in the Windows registry.

List of recommendations on how to avoid system reboot after installing, uninstalling, updating or upgrading Acronis Backup & Recovery components in Windows



「計画されたオペレーティングシステムの再起動によりアクティビティが失敗しました。 」

Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 shows Error "System is about to be shut down". Reboot your machine to solve this issue


Acronis True Image installed on macOS 11 Big Sur Beta causes kernel panic during boot that leads to cyclic reboots.

Kernel panic is a situation when Mac encounters a system error and keeps restarting unexpectedly with a warning message "You need to restart your computer".


Lack of compatibility due to a major shift in macOS architecture.


macOS 11 Big Sur に Acronis True Image 2021 をインストールしました。Acronis True Image 2021 は繰り返し再起動するように要求しています:

「Acronis True Image を実行するには、Mac を再起動する必要があります。」


macOS は Acronis True Image のカーネル拡張の一つのロードを防いでいます。

1回の再起動は、ドライバをロードするために必要です。しかし、Acronis True Image が複数回再起動を要求している場合は、以下のソリューションを適用してください。


macOS 復旧で、KextPolicy 表からカーネル拡張の記録を削除してください:

  1. macOS 復旧環境から起動します。そのために、Mac を再起動し、Command (⌘)+R を押し続けます。