You back up disks or an entire Linux machine. In the backup plan, you specify exclusions. Specified files/folders are not excluded from backup and backup completes with warning "File exclusion is not supported".

Unlock the partition using diskpart

Instructions on how to troubleshoot problems after recovery

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Backup Cloud


Sometimes a recovery process seems to work without any visible problems, but the resulting files after recovery are not complete and/or are corrupted. This article will explain the process to troubleshoot this issue. 


Depending on what was being recovered, please choose the correct section:

Instructions on how to troubleshoot and resolve issues with corrupt backups

問題を解決するために、VMware Tools を再インストールまたはアップデートします。


  1. ESX ホストで仮想コンピュータをバックアップするためにAcronis Backup 製品を使用しています。
  2. 次のいずれかのようなエラーメッセージが表示され、1 つまたは複数の仮想コンピュータのバックアップが失敗します:   

    「処理待ちのタスクが失敗しました(スナップショット作成処理が、停止した仮想コンピュータの I/O 解放の制限時間を超えたため、静止スナップショットを作成できません。)」


    「異常停止した仮想コンピュータでスナップショット作成操作が I/O を保持できる制限時間を超過したため、静止スナップショットを作成できませんでした。」


When opening a case with Acronis Customer Central please collect and provide System Report from the affected machine.

You can download new builds in your account as described here.

Acronis True Image 2020 Standard, Advanced, and Premium
All editions support Windows 10.

Acronis True Image 2019 Standard, Advanced, and Premium
All editions support Windows 10.

Acronis True Image 2018 Standard, Advanced, and Premium
All editions support Windows 10.

How to add the necessary rights to users for Acronis backup software

Acronis Backup Cloud uses Resumable Backup technology for disk-level, file-level and application-level backups of all systems(except ESXi configuration backup). This technology reduces network load and therefore enhances backup performance.

Resumable Backup means that in case of a backup failure data upload will be resumed, i.e.:


The tool is integrated into Agent for Windows and is executed during installation. Follow these steps if you need to check connection later (for example, if you run a backup, but it fails with a connection error).

1. Download the Connection Verification Tool and unpack it.

Replication is creating backups in multiple locations with a single backup plan. This feature allows replicating backups from a local/network storage to multiple local/network storage, to Acronis cloud, or to an on-premises cloud based on Acronis storage (applicable to Acronis Backup Cloud).

To set up replication:

Starting with version 4 (Backup management server 12.0.1078, Backup management console 12.0.2079) Acronis Backup Cloud and Acronis Backup Service have implemented automated check for updates.

Once you have logged into Backup management console, you will be notified about new build availability by a marker:

To update agents:

Acronis Backup Cloud and Acronis Backup Service are web-based applications. To back up your data, you only need to install a Backup Agent on your machine. You can manage and monitor system protection with a web-based console.

Acronis Backup Cloud および Acronis Backup Service は、Webベースのアプリケーションです。使用するコンピュータにバックアップ エージェントをインストールするだけで、データがバックアップできるようになります。Webベースコンソールでシステム保護を管理、監視できます。

You attempt to perform a disk or partition backup that fails with the following error: "Failed to read the snapshot."

Backing up entire machine, disks, files or system state

  1. In Backup Management Console click Backup:
  2. A backup plan template is offered. Select items you want to back up: Entire machine, Disks/volumes, Files/folders or System state. By default, all disks will be backed up. Alternatively you can select specific items you want to back up.

バージョン4(バックアップ管理サーバー 12.0.1078、バックアップ管理コンソール 12.0.2079)以降、Acronis Backup Cloud と Acronis Backup Serviceにアップデートの自動確認が導入されました。 



(!) エージェントがインストールされているすべてのコンピュータで、TCPポート80がアウトバウンド接続(外部への接続)用に開いていることを必ず確認してください。


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Table showing in which languages you can get Acronis products

Version 7.7 and newer



  1. In Backup management console, delete the agent machine from the list.
  2. Open Command prompt as Administrator: Start -> Search -> cmd
  3. Execute:
    "C:\Program Files\BackupClient\RegisterAgentTool" register_agent.exe -o register -t cloud -a -u <account> -p <password>


Acronis Managed Machine Service user should be assigned these privileges:

Acronis services to use for upload and download of large amounts of data to cloud

Backing up and restoring large amounts of data to a cloud storage over a slow Internet connection is time-consuming. To help backup service users in these cases, we at Acronis have designed special services for initial upload and download of large amounts of data. These services help end users save time and network traffic by sending the data to the cloud data center on a hard drive or request a hard drive with their backups from the data center.

Agents installed on the managed machines (end-user machines) need to have access to the hostnames/IP addresses and ports listed in this article. Most of Acronis Backup Cloud components utilize multiple IP addresses, you can find the exact IPs Acronis agents will use in your environment by running the connection verification tool.

Alternatively, you can provide access to all the hostnames/IP addresses through ports listed below, depending on the respective datacenter.